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The Release is a 53' Bobby Sullivan powered by a new 60 Series Detroil diesel while, producing no smoke, provides plenty of speed to give you more fishing time. Fully equipped with the latest in Penn tackle; 12lb to 130 lb, stand up or conventional. The Release is air-conditioned, equipped with electronics and all Coast Guard required safety equipment. If you or your family and friends are looking for a fun day of offshore fishing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, please give Captain Rom Whitaker and his mate on the Release a try. Corporate, family and tournament bookings can be accommodated. Excellent year round fishing: blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, dolphin, yellowfin tuna, giant bluefin tuna, blackfin tuna, wahoo, king mackerel, red drum, striped bass, barracuda, amberjack and other species. Call (252-986-1031) or email (Contact Us above) for additional information and pick a season for your favorite species. Location Docked at Hatteras Harbor Marina, Hwy 12, Hatteras Village. Hatteras is on the southern end of the Hatteras Island approximately 60 miles from Nags Head General Directions from Virginia Take Hwy 168 South to Hwy 158 East Travel through Nags Head and make a left on Hwy 12 South at Whalebone Junction. Approximately 1 hour from Whalebone. General Directions from Western NC Take Hwy 64 East at Rocky Mount and travel to Manteo. Make a right turn on Hwy 12 South at Whalebone Junction. Approximately 1 hour from Whalebone. Prices for 2008 Season $1,470.00 per day (credit card customers) $1,400.00 per day (check and cash customers) $500.00 deposit required within two weeks of booking the trip. Balance due on your fishing day. Refund Policy Trips cancelled only by the Captain due to windy conditions and rough seas. No advanced refunds. All refunds based on Captain's discretion. Options also include rescheduling. Tipping the Mate Not required, but customary 15 - 20% of the cost of the trip (I feel that my mates are excellent but I want to know if you are not pleased.) Departure Time Varies according to time of year Call (252-986-1031) or email (Contact Us above) Captain to confirm Typical Day 6:00AM - 4:00 PM Charter Size Number of people - 6. (US Coast Guard Regulation) Kids are always welcome, but please consider the weather before bringing small children. Bait, Tackle, Ice Fishing License Provided Fish Cleaning Services Available at the dock. Price varies but well worth the price. What to Bring Coolers, of course, to take home your catch. Eats and drinks. Sunscreen, sunglasses (polarized is best), hat Clothing - wear layers to change with the temperature. Rain gear if seas are rough or forecast calls for rain Camera Motion sickness medication Hi, I'm Captain Rom Whitaker, a native of Kinston, NC. I first started fishing with my father and grandparents at the age of three. I can remember my grandmother, Attwood Cameron, taking me fishing from dawn to dusk on the piers at Atlantic Beach. She loved to catch flounder. I always told her if I could get out in that ocean, I could really catch some big fish. My father and grandfather spent many hours teaching me how to catch bass and speckled robin in Broad Creek on the lower Neuse River. My first trip to Hatteras was in 1970 in a 19' Thunderbird boat and quickly I realized there were some big fish out there and I needed bigger tackle. Over the next few years, I purchased a 23" SeaCraft and took it to Hatteras fishing just about every weekend. Finally, with my wife's blessings, I moved to Hatteras in 1986 and started fishing for a living. I have been blessed with a wonderful wife, Elaine, and two great boys, Rom IV and Cameron. Fishing has really been good for me. I owe my success to all my loyal and supportive customers from all over the US. After 21 years of fishing as a vocation, I am often asked, "Don't you get tired of fishing?" Fishing is what makes my job so much fun. I can truly say that every morning when I get up to go, I am excited and ready to go to work. Fishing is truly unique at Hatteras because you never know what your next big bite is going to be. Many people try to gauge their success by the number of fish caught but there are many things that go into a successful charter experience. How you are treated, how much you learn, angler participation, attitude of the crew, catching your specific target species, enjoying and watching all the other sea life offshore (pelagic birds, turtles, porpoises, whales, sharks, and other things) all go into making an enjoyable trip. The Captain and crew of the Release are going to make every effort to make sure these things happen along with hard fishing. I especially enjoy family charters with children who love to fish or who are fishing for the first time. I invite you to come to Hatteras anytime of the year and enjoy some of this great fishing that I love. Here is a list of the Billfish Tournaments in which I participate. Name of the Tournament Date Past History Winnings Hatteras Village Offshore Open May 14-17 1st, 2nd, 3rd place Swansboro Rotary Club Bluewater May 24-25 3rd place Big Rock Tournament June 9-14 Meatfish category Hatteras Marlin Club June 16-21 1st place Hatteras Grand Slam July 11-12 2nd place Tred Barta Boy's Club Tournament July 18-20 5th place Ducks Unlimited Billfish Tournament July 25-27 3rd place and Meatfish category White Marlin Open August 4-8 Alice Kelly August 10 Meatfish category Pirates Cove Billfish Tlournament August 12-15 3rd place and big fish category I like to fish tournaments. Some last two days with $2,500 entry fees and some are 5 and 6 days with $12,000 entry fees. Of course, your winnings are based on the entry fees. If you are interested in participating, please give me a call (252-986-1031) or email me (Contact Us above) and we can discuss details. Hello, my name is Lee Cannady. I mate for Captain Rom Whitaker on the Release. I was born and raised in Franklin County, NC. I have a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from North Carolina State University. I have been fishing my entire life. My grandfather introduced me to fishing when I was a kid. Growing up, I mainly fished fresh water lakes, rivers, and ponds. Once in college, I made the transition to offshore fishing. I fished offshore as a hobby for about 10 years before turning my hobby into a job. I love fishing! As a mate on the Release, I promise to do my best each and every day to make sure you have a safe and memorable experience. I look forward to fishing with you. January / February / March Giant bluefin tuna are the prime targets for these three months. They usually show up in December and leave around the first of April. The last few years have produced some larger fish in near shore (1-10 miles) feeding on menhadden schools. We have not seen them on wrecks feeding on bluefish lately but maybe this year. Yellowfin tuna are always here during winter months and the big kings are usually holding along the temperature breaks in about 20 to 30 fathoms of water. If the water stays cold, then stripers ave available around the Diamond Shoals and the inlets. February 24 - March 10 I will be in Mexico during this period running the charter boat, Qualifier, owned by Captain Finn Gaddy. If you want to go somewhere warm in the winter and get some practice using the new circle hook techniques, this is the place to be. It is not uncommon to have 20 to 30 sailfish bites per day, sometimes 50, during this time. There is also some excellent bottom fishing available a little further offshore. April / May Water starts to warm this time of year but it normally produces some excellent fishing. The yellowfin bite is going strong the first of April and starts to taper off as water temperatures increase but the size of the fish get much bigger (50 to 60 pounds). It is not uncommon to hook them in late May Big dolphin start to show around the middle to late April and contiunue until June. Wahoo are available year round but they usually have peaked around the middle of May. King mackerel are also abundant during April, tapering off in May. Blue marlin start showing up around the end of April and make a good showing in May. June / July Great fishing these two months! Blue and white marlin make a good showing at this time. Blue marlin usually peak in June and white marlin peak in July. Dolphin fishing is excellent with gaffers (8 - 40 pounds) early on and bailers (3 - 8 pounds) getting more plentiful in late June and July. Big yellowfin tuna are around but hard to catch (kites, spreader bars, etc.) Wahoo and bottom fish are also available. August / September In the last few years, these months have produced some impressive billfish catches. Blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish are an every day occurance. We had a few sailfish days in September when we had double digit bites. If you are looking for a trophy, this is a good time to come. Dolphin remain plentiful, mostly bailers and a few gaffers. Wahoo usually hits a peak again in September. King mackerel start to show around the end of September which is also a good time for bottom fishing. Weather is usually very pretty this time of the year unless we have a big H (hurricane) brewing. October / November / December The water starts to cool back down and the yellowfin, blackfin, and bluefin tuna make their way back to NC waters. Yellowfin and blackfin usually start showing up around the middle of October and bite good right into the next year. Bluefin start showing a little later around first of December. Live bait king mackerel (20 - 30 lbs) fishing is off the chart late October until the new year. If you like catching big fish on light tackle and topwater strikes, you need to try this. There are still a few dolphin around and wahoo stay consistent all year long. Giant bluefins and stripers start to show up in December. Weather and water temperatures certainly affect any forecast and can make it early or late. So please take this into consideration when booking a trip.